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Australian Cricketer David Warner compares with Indian captain Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is known for his superb batting, but at the same time, this best player is also known for his aggressiveness. On the field, Virat Kohli gives his 100% and gives his life to win the match for India. During this time, sometimes he is not able to control his emotions and also clashes with the players of the opposition team.

Warner said similarities between me and Virat

Australian star batsman David Warner says that there are many similarities between him and Indian captain Virat Kohli. Warner said that both he and Kohli are inspired by the passion to play for their country. We both want our team to win the match and for this, we play with full passion.

Warner spoke with Virat Kohli about these words

Australia’s batsman David Warner said in a statement, “There are some similarities between me and Virat Kohli. I think it is a matter in us that when we both go to the ground, we need to prove people wrong.

If you are in a fight with him, and if you go to him for example, then you think ‘Well, I will score more runs than this, I will steal a run against him. You try to be better than the other in that game. This is where the passion comes from. ”

Warner also spoke on the rivalry between India and Australia

Warner also spoke on the stiff rivalry between the India and Australia teams, saying, “Obviously you want to win the match but you divide it into halves.” If I score more runs than Virat or Pujara makes more runs than Steve Smith, these are small matches in front of you and in this way you divide the game into small things.

Passion comes from two things, one is the desire to win and the other is the desire to perform better than the player of the opposition team ”


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